ARM-BG – Bulgaria

Association on Refugees and Migrants

The Association on Refugees and Migrants–Bulgaria (ARM-BG) was established in the year of 2000 as human rights, refugees’ and migrants’ protection network and inter-cultural education and research NGO initiative. ARM-BG is a social innovation and change forum, research and training institute and socio-cultural instrument for exploring, communicating and protecting rights and life space of old and new minorities in Bulgaria, on the Balkans and the Euro-Mediterranean region. ARM-BG is actively involved in research, teaching, artistic and intercultural activities that link the realm of ideas with everyday experience. We work locally, internationally and cross-culturally.

SAN – Poland

Społeczna Akademia Nauk

Społeczna Akademia Nauk offers: economic courses (Accounting and Finance, Logistics, Management), social sciences and humanities courses (English Studies, International Relations, Journalism and Social Media, National Security), technical courses (Architecture and Urban Sciences, Geodesy and Cartography, Information Technology), medical courses (Physiotherapy, Cosmetology), artistic courses (Architecture, Design, Film and Audiovisual Arts: Acting, Directing, Film Production, Operatorship), law courses (Administration).

CRN – Germany

Comparative Research Network

CRN is actively involved in scientific research, teaching and cultural activities that link the realm of ideas with everyday experience. As our name indicates, we work internationally and cross-culturally. Only through thoughtful comparison can we interpret our local reality, render it more comprehensible and develop strategies to address the issues that affect our everyday lives. CRN performs research both as a partner within international consortia as within the scope of its own projects. CRN publishes a working paper series that communicates the work of its members to a wider audience.

Theater Vision – Germany

Theater Vision

We are a theater association from Leipzig, founded in 2008 with the target to realize our own visions of theatre. We – that is a circle of professional theatre people of various fields (theatre pedagogues, dramaturgs, educators, actors, geri-clowns) working indepently in Leipzig
What are our visions? Our visions mean a theatre that is deep going without being detached, funny without beeing superficial, experimental without beeing too abstract.
Actors and spectators shall both benefit in the same strength. The research of exciting, not hackneyed ways of performing is on the foreground. In this spirit our productions can be made in a traditional way like recitation theatre but can also be a try to experiment with the diverse mannners of theatre: grotesque theatre, theatre that is focused on music or movement, theatre in unusual places or in unusual circumstances, theatre improvisation, Dogma theatre (that is limited on essential elements)…
A special section in our association is the sociocultural theatre, e.g. projects that are focused on the work with different generations, people with difficult backgrounds, refugees… These projects represent an important part of our work reflecting our conviction that theatre can be an inspiration and enrichment for everybody.

The conception and realization of theatre pedagogical projects like theatre summer camps for young people became a key aspect in our work.
A new focus are theatre activities that support the equality of man and woman, as well as projects of inclusion for people with handicaps.
Under all circumstances we want to enrich the theatre landscape in Leipzig  and overcome prejudices about theatre as an antiquated art form.
No, unbending visions and creative professionality can mean the opposite – about that we are quite sure!!!

EURO-NET – Italy

EURO-NET is a non-profit organization that is selected centre of the following European networks:
– Europe Direct
– Eurodesk
· is Promoter and European Coordinator of the following European networks:
European Governance Network
Euro-net – The Youth European Network
European Inclusion Network
· and much more…


IKTE – Hungary

Hungarian Association for Expressive Arts and Dance Therapy

The Hungarian Association for Expressive Arts and Dance Therapy (in Hungarian: Integrált Kifejezés- és Táncterápiás Egyesület, IKTE) is offering trainings, workshops and professional cooperation based on the specific methodology Integral Expression and Dance (IED) Therapy. This approach belongs to expressive arts therapies.