The workshop is designed to enhance the passion/aptitude for free-hand drawing and to allow the use of computer programs that permit to draw with the computer (as, indeed, Flash): to finalize the various projects, manual work must be accompanied by the study of software for 2Danimation.
The workshop is targeted for use of Flash with practical exercises associated with the continuo theoretical concepts introduced. Indeed, the final part of the workshop will be devoted to a concrete example, namely the assembly of a “short clip” (video-clip of 2-3 min. max.) containing:
– a “movieclip” cartoon (scanning, coloring, editing),
– some animated phrases (titles of opening and closing credits, subtitles, …)
– any buttons (like “replay” or else …).
Expected outputs (especially in terms of the learning outcomes for the participants)
Learners will be able to use the main animation techniques to create 2D Flash movies addressed to the web and to the distribution on optical media, extending very much their employment options.

Other inspirational materials

A- beginner
The Flash Timeline, Keyframes and Frames for Beginners:
part 1:
part 2:
Understanding Keyframes in Flash:
Understanding motion tween ,classic tween, shape tween and their differences in flash:
Basic Keyframing:
Symbol Types: “Movie Clip” or “Graphic”:

B – intermediate 
official adobe
character animation using symbols 
how to Animate a Transformation 

C – advanced
Advanced Flash Character Animation 
preparing a head for animation in flash
Adobe Flash Tutorials – Best of (from smashing magazine)

– Alternative software to Flash
Giotto: (User interface very similar to Flash)
Synfig Studio: (free and open-source 2D animation software) (code editor)