Integration of Creative Training Methods for Helping Professions

After two years of learning from each other, experience best practices, explore different methodologies, in the last workshop now:

we are confronted with a new big challenge – we put together all these methodologies and create something new, never seen, never experienced…

and we try it out in the University from Łódź, Poland

In the next weeks we will upload here all our new results, experiences made, new knowledges

Społeczna Akademia Nauk in Łódź, Poland
2-10. April 2016

This workshop is part of a long process, where an international team of storytellers, clowns and
expression counselors are working together to find and develop methods to empower adults to
discover and build on their creativity to reach a level where one can fully be aware of her/his
potential and come up with innovative ideas, refresh professionally, personally.
During this workshop you will take part yourself and facilitate others in this creative process +
discover your resources + experience integration of different methodologies.
The international team of the workshop has experience and knowledge on at least one of the
different methodologies listed below:
 Dance and body expression techniques
 Storytelling as self-expression tool
 Your inner clown and humour strategies
We need to put an emphasis on the fact that the overall aim of the whole two-year-long project is
the INTEGRATION of these different methodologies in a fruitful way. This you will have to bear
in mind when designing the two-day-long workshops for the Polish Students/Learners.
The process is supported and supervised by a facilitator team.

Learning outcomes-final

Affective and Cognitive Outcomes-final