What is Integral Expression and Dance Therapy (IED)?

Integral Expression and Dance Therapy is a member of the family of approaches internationally known as expressive arts therapy. The method has been present in Hungary since the mid 90’s.
A key feature of this complex, interdisciplinary approach is that it uses multimodal expressive arts processes for therapeutic goals. This feature derives from one of the basic assumptions of this method, i.e. the
healing power of expression. Along with movement and dance, IED uses the integrating effect of music making, visual expression and drama, as well as ‘authentic movement’, imagination, poetry, personal symbols and rituals. The process helps the individual to find his/her self-healing potentials, hidden resources, and thus to improve the quality of his/her life. learn more: It’s_never_too_late-Hungary_InfoLetter

Every single movement is Dance,
Every line we draw is a Painting,
Every voice we form is a Song,
Every kind of beat is Music,
Every story told is a Tale,
Every conversation we have is a Drama.

IT IS NEVER Too LATE! Reviving the hidden artist!
Integral expression and dance therapy training”

Hungary, 28/02/2015 – 08/02/2015

The training was designed for helping professionals (therapist, teachers, social workers, youth workers, etc.) to help them to rediscover their creative, inner authentic being, and to experience and learn about our method, Integral Expression and Dance Therapy. Participants came from Italy, Poland, Germany and Bulgaria. read more: report training hungary
read more on the concept, methodology and call for applicants:
Training IKTE Call for participants
final evaluation: Training IKTE Evaluation_to attacco

Outcomes, feedbacks on the training in Hungary
see here: http://www.theartistwithin.eu/lessonslearned/
personal feedback written by a participant


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