In our two-years longs strategic partnership we had three trainings with different methodologies and one training to combine them. on the following sides we provide you with more infos about those methodologies as there were:

Integral expression and dance therapy


more informations you find here:

Healing movements

storytelling and cartoons


clowning and humour strategies

humour and clown


2-4 weeks after the training course the participants ran ‘Local pilot actions’ (workshop, training, lesson, etc. related to the professional activities of the organisation, person) based on the experiences, learning, process, approach gained during the training course.

Why: The aim is to test the outcomes, methodologies experienced during the TC in diverse groups and fields. Next to these we see it as a great tool for disseminating and valorising the learning and gain further feedback.

Where: The pilot actions happen at the partner organizations whenever possible. If its not possible for some reason, than still within the helping professional field.

Outcomes: The pilot activities helped participants to deepen their knowledge and work out needed alteration on their specific field and work.